Will it damage my flooring if you service it for me?

Nano-Grip does not “etch” nor “scratch” the surface of the floor. Instead, it changes the tread pattern of the tile.

Is it a DIY treatment procedure?

No, you do not have to do the work yourself. Instead, fully trained licensed operators will visit the place to perform the job.

Do I have to close my shop for the day to let you service my palce?

We work at extremely flexible hours and will service your floor when it best suits your business time, even overnight. 

How long does the slip proof last on my flooring after I have it serviced?

It will be good for as long as 3 years or more. We also provide a 3 years warranty for residential and 5 years for commercial projects. Furthermore, we will do a FREE safety routine check as long as you request it of us. 

Can you show me a free demonstration of Nano-Grip on my flooring before I consider it?

Absolutely! Simply give us a ring and our representative will set up an appointment to demonstrate.