Many methods have been developed to tackle slippery floors, however, they have shown to be ineffective – we can help.

For many years, the only means for reducing slip/falls was by application of
epoxy of roughed substances, by installation of unsightly strips of grit paper, or
expensive carpet runners, or rubber mats that need continuous replacement and generally are not attractive. Another method, commonly referred to as “stop- gap”, utilizes the application of a strong acid that etches the top of the tile. By eating away the soft substances from the top, the stone particles are left. However, this method destroys the shine of the surface and leaves a sandpaper appearance and effect. As time and traffic passes, the tile will wear smooth again and the acid will actually seep through the tile, weakening the glue line and loosening the tiles. In addition, these surfaces are difficult to clean, maintain and keep attractive.

Nano-Grip greatly reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents.

The anti-slip treatment by CleanGrip Solutions is a chemical safety product that, when roperly applied, greatly reduces the risk of slip and fall incidents.By creating a chemical reaction with the pores of the surface, resulting in a higher coefficient of friction. Surfaces are actually safer when wet than dry because of the increased friction allowing for safe, sure footing.

Product Specifications.

Suitable Surface Treatment

Porous Surface – Ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, porcelain, concrete, brick, and pool decking etc.


Clear liquid


Immediate after Treatment.


Surface need to be free from wax, grease or any other contaminants.

Clean up

Fresh water and Neutrilizer

After Care

Use a fresh supply of cleaner and hot water every day. (Do not use more
cleaner than is recommended or needed. This will help avoid soap build-up)

Treatment Duration

1/2 Hour and above (Depends on floor surface)

How it works.

Nano -Grip is a uniquely formulated chemical compound designed to react with silica sand in any mineral surface such as concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, porcelain, slate, quarry tile, river rock, polished stone, or glazed brick. The result of the chemical reaction with the surface is a creation of a
tread pattern that provides a positive slip resistant surface . Nano -Grip can be safely applied and reapplied without jeopardizing the structural composition of the material on which it is applied. Many other slip -proong solutions are applied topically and eventually crack, peel, or rub o. Nano-Grip works into the surface itself so it will not crack, peal, chip, or discolor with age. There is no set up, curing, or drying time required. The surfaces treated can be used immediately after treatment. Each treatment is guaranteed for two years from the date of application as long as the surface is maintained with approved cleaning agents.

We are the leading anti-slip flooring solution provider in Asia. 

At CleanGrip Solutions, we are a highly professional team specialised in treating all types of slippery floor as well as cleaning and disinfecting dirty or germ-filled ceilings. Our products have a long history of 20 successful years, with them currently used on an international scale. With our special equipments and proprietary chemical products, there is no floor too slippery or ceiling too dirty to treat.

Our service extends across

  • Residential 
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Production areas
  • Chemical storage areas
  • Assembly areas
  • Loading/Unloading bays
  • Control rooms
  • Splash/spill areas
  • Exposed decks
  • & many more